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See the golden statue of Guanyin, understand how she too made her journey from India – one in which she stopped being a man, and became the woman you see today.

See the enormous pagoda in which Xuanzang kept his holy texts, and learn how the tower you see before you today has risen again and again out of collapse, the world’ most deadly earthquake, and war.

See the sculptures and learn about both the real journey of Xuanzang and the mythical journey of Tripataka, Pigsy, and the Monkey King.

Smell the incense, see the monks, and the sacrifices that continue to occur at this temple still functioning today – some one thousand and four hundred years after Xuanzang’s return.

Getting There

  1. The Standard Meeting Point for Public, Private & Select Great Wild Goose Pagoda Tours is outside Xiaozhai Metro Station (在小寨地铁站外面见面).

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  *  Under 14 years old.

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Wander through a beautiful park in the Muslim District and see if you can keep up with the locals on their exercise equipment. 

Tour Summary

Xi’an was one of the greatest melting pots of culture, goods, religions, and ideas in Eurasia and one of its greatest moments was the sixteen-year journey of the monk Xuanzang down into India to collect holy Buddhist texts to bring back to Xi’an. This story then inspired the famous novel Journey to the West, with Tripataka based on Xuanzang, accompanied by Pigsy and the Monkey King, and the countless sequels, plays, comics, video games, books and even rock operas following it since. The Great Wild Goose Pagoda is the place to explore the origin of this epic, which will be brought to life by your expert Newman Tours guide.

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Your experience of the Big Wild Goose Pagoda would not be the same without our expert guides.

Learn about the many miles this monk on a mission moved to sequester a special set of scriptures.