The Terracotta Warriors Tour Schedule

  1. Newman Tours' experienced guide will pick you up from a starting point of your choosing in a Private Vehicle and take you to the site of the Terracotta Warriors. 

  1. On the way to the Terracotta Warriors your guide will give you an overview of China's imperial history and teach you a song that will help you remember the names of the key dynasties. 

  1. During your journey you will also find out how geography, horses, political philosophy and a merciless form of incentivisation helped the State Of Qin defeat their enemies and bring an end to the Warring States era. 

  1. Guests on the Select Terracotta Warrior Tour will get to use augmented reality technology to manipulate 3D models of the Terracotta Warriors and familiarise themselves with how to distinguish different military ranks before arriving at their destination. 

  1. Whilst driving to your destination we will go past the site of a famous hot spring, which is now forever associated with the tragic love story of a Tang Dynasty Emperor and his favourite concubine. 

  1. Having arrived at the site of the Terracotta Warriors, your guide will explain why this area was chosen to bury the self proclaimed First Emperor Of China. 

  1. Guests on the Select Terracotta Warrior Tour will get to travel up to the Terracotta Warriors in a golf buggy. 

  1. Before entering Pit One, your guide will tell you about the farmers who discovered the Terracotta Warriors. 

  1. Listen to your guide explain why the soldiers that these statues represent were so feared by their opponents. 

  1. Find out what happened to the men that stole some Terracotta Warrior heads. 

  1. Watch a video clip that illustrates how these iconic figures were produced and find out why the artisans that produced them hid their signatures in the hardest places to find. 

  1. Discover which country the Chinese rebuffed and which they embraced when paying for technology with which to preserve the colour on the warriors and see a video that illustrates how this technology works. 

  1. Read translations of accounts written by the State Of Qin's enemies that describe them as "aravicious, perverse, eager for profit and without sincerity", and find out what they did to earn this reputation. 

  1. Laugh yourself silly watching a video an art student expressing his love for the Terracotta Warriors and placing a heavy burden on the museum guards in the process. 

  1. Enter Pit Three, and learn about the strange purpose it served that is no longer practiced on the modern battlefield. 

  1. Debate who all the senior soldiers are waiting for and find out why the man in question is absent. 

  1. See the wonderfully tacky array of ways that the museum's curators have devised for you to remember your visit.

  1. Enter Pit Two, where you will have the chance to get within a single metre of some of the best preserved warriors in the entire collection. 

  1. Guests on the Select Terracotta Warrior Tour will get exclusive access to a scale model that will help them better understand the overall battle formation of the Terracotta Warriors. In doing so they will discuss the different theories as to who the Terracotta Warriors were intended to protect their Emperor from. 

  1. Find out how many more warrior's still remain to be unearthed, and discover why the Emperor's tomb was abandoned before it was fully completed. 

  1. Guests on the Select Terracotta Warrior Tour will also get to visit a jade exhibition that helps explain why this area was selected for Emperor Qin's mausoleum. In doing so they will also learn what scholars believe the recently discovered stone armour was intended for. 

  1. Visit the Terracotta Warrior Museum, where you will learn what was buried with Emperor Qin besides warriors. 

  1. See the amazing bronze chariots that are believed to have been intended to transport Emperor Qin around in the afterlife. In addition, your guide will tell you about Emperor Qin's tours of his territory and an assassin's attempt to take his life. 

  1. Find out what happened after the death of the first Emperor of Qin, and find out how a horned deer demonstrated that the Dynasty's days were numbered. 

  1. Drive back to a location of your choosing in Xi'an. On the way there you can stop to take photos of the as yet unopened mausoleum of Emperor Qin. 

  1. On the way back to Xi'an you will also drive past the site of a famous kidnapping, and will learn how this event changed the fate of modern China. 

  1. Guests on the Select Terracotta Warrior Tour will get the exclusive opportunity to visit the site of the Qin Emperor's Mausoleum. There they will see a video showing what historical accounts and scientific discoveries have led experts to believe the interior may look like. 

  1. Guests on the Select Terracotta Warrior Tour will also get to try their hand at some water calligraphy, including ancient characters standardised by Emperor Qin, and the most complicated character in the Chinese writing system.

Starting Point

  1. Newman Tours' experienced guide will pick you up from a starting point of your choosing in a Private Vehicle and take you to the site of the Terracotta Warriors. 

Pricing Summary (prices in Chinese Renminbi per person)

  1. * Under 14 years old.

Pricing is inclusive of a native English speaking guide with illustrative iPad and all entrance fees including the Terracotta Warriors. Pricing for Private and Select Terracotta Warriors Tours includes pick-up and drop-off with private vehicle and Chinese chauffeur.

Tour Types

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Select Tours require a

minimum of 3 adult guests

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Tour Summary

The Terracotta Warriors were arguably the greatest archaeological discovery of the 20th century, but to appreciate why they are so important and the historical context in which they were made you need a well researched tour.

Our Terracotta Warrior Tour was designed by Daniel Newman, who has a two year Masters Degree in Chinese Studies from the University Of Cambridge. Working with local Chinese scholars Daniel has spent more than 100 hours developing content and finding visual resources that make for a truly engaging and insightful tour.

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The Terracotta Warriors Tour

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Find out why this pit was found to contain a deer's horn. 

Learn how to identify the rank of different soldiers based on their hairstyle. 

Upon entering Pit One you will be mesmerised by your first view of The first Qin Emperor's huge imperial army.

Archery Competition Schedule

  1. Take taxis to archery venue (private vehicles available upon request).

  1. Listen to how important archery was to the soldiers of the Qin army who became the Terracotta Warriors, and learn how it was their brilliance in their use of crossbows and longbows that led them to crush the other Warring States and unify ‘all under Heaven’.

  1. Learn how to accurately and safely fire a bow, and practise your shots with instruction from our tutor as you go along.

  1. Then – fire! See who hits the target the most, and who would have qualified to become a vicious, marauding Qin bowman – as well as who wins a unique Newman Tours award for best shot.

  1. All guests on the Select Ancient Shanghai Tour will be awarded prizes for the archery competition.

Pricing Summary

(prices in Chinese Renminbi per person)

*14 years old or younger.

Learn to shot like a true warrior.