Having worked on a wide range of consultancy projects for companies ranging from Coca-Cola and Pernod Ricard through to Grundfos and Adidas, Newman Tours boasts four years of Shanghai specific consultancy experience.

For this reason we were recently approached by PricewaterhouseCoopers and asked to develop a Shanghai Business Tour for an international conference between their 33 most senior Asian partners in Shanghai. The result was so successful in strengthening their partners’ understanding of the Chinese marketplace, that we have now begun offering a tailored version of the tour to corporations, educational institutes and business professionals.

By analysing the history and present reality of your industry in China and Shanghai, Newman Tours offers you predictions about the future that will help you better pre-empt important market changes that are yet to take place. Whether you want to understand finance, politics, consumer trends or any other aspect of China’s development, this Tailored Tour will help you better achieve your goals in the Middle Kingdom.

Tailored Shanghai business TOUR


Recommended Half-Day Itinerary

(4 hours)

  1. -Urban Planning Exhibition Centre

  2. -Business on the Bund Tour

  3. -Boat Trip Across Huangpu

  4. -Shanghai Financial District Tour

  5. -Future of Shanghai Presentation

Adults: 890rmb

Children: 690rmb

Optional Extras

Chinese Business Meal

(1.5 hours)

Adults: 260

Delicious Dim-Sum Lunch

(1.5 hours)

Adults: 330rmb

Shanghai World Financial Centre (SWFC) Tour

(1.5 hours)

Adults: 330rmb

Industry Specific Presentation

(1 hour)

5,000rmb for a specially prepared lecture. Please ask if you would like Newman Tours to recommend a lecture space.

Pricing Includes:

Experienced English native speaking tour guide, private vehicle and chauffeur, and all entry fees.

* Please note that Private Excursions require a minimum of three adults or the financial equivalent thereof.


Shanghai Urban Planning Museum Tour

Discover how the Shanghai Municipal Government intends to grow its city and infrastructure over the coming decades and learn what problems they are likely to face in doing so. Highlights here include grabbing a sneak preview of Shanghai’s future skyline by viewing the biggest city model in the world and an analysis of the government’s expansion plans for Shanghai.

Business on The Bund Tour

Learn about the amazing businessmen, architects and engineers that built the Bund and made it into the world’s most famous embankment. From Victor Sassoon’s Cathay Hotel with its celebrity guests and perverse fancy dress parties to T. V. Song’s Bank of China and its famous case of daylight robbery, hear for yourself just how clearly Shanghai’s colonial history can still be heard echoing right through to the present day.


Cross the Huangpu River

Cross the Huangpu River by boat and learn about the key role that this body of water continues to play in Shanghai’s trade and commerce.

Shanghai Financial District Tour

View Shanghai’s Financial District in the way its planners intended, by driving along the brand new byways and down Century Avenue which China hopes one day to be Shanghai’s Champs-Elysees. View Shanghai’s signature buildings as well as her architectural and developmental wonders.

Future of Shanghai Presentation

Watch an open-air presentation in a beautiful park right in the heart of China's financial centre and discover what leading economic, political and sociology scholars believe the future has in store for Shanghai and China over the next 50 to 100 years.

Discover how Shanghai’s past continues to influence its decisions in the present

Find out when the world’s leading experts think China will rule the world

Discover the “Curse of the Tallest Tower” and decide whether China has a property bubble


Chinese Business Lunch (1.5 hours)

Enjoy a delicious Chinese meal whilst learning the fundamental rules of Chinese dinner table etiquette. In doing so you will discover the ultimate faux-pas that must be avoided at all cost and find out how on earth Chinese businessmen manage to drink so much baijiu and yet still reach sensible agreements at the dining table.

(Adults: 260rmb, Students: 240rmb)

Delicious Dim-Sum Lunch (1.5 hours)

Enjoy a delectable lunch in one of Shanghai’s best restaurants, and take the opportunity to bond with fellow colleagues and discuss ideas that have been raised during the course of the tour.

(Adults: 330rmb; Students: 310rmb)

Shanghai World Financial Centre Tour (1.5 hour)

Shanghai’s Financial Centre aims to be on a par with New York and London by 2020, and looking down from its tallest tower with the aid of our iPad technology you can see what dramatic changes are still to come.

(Adults: 330rmb, Students: 320rmb)

Industry Specific Presentation (1 hour)

Experience an industry specific lecture from Newman Tours' founder, Daniel Newman, who has been living, working and researching in China for five years since completing his Master of Philosophy Degree in Modern Chinese Studies at the University of Cambridge. You can determine the subject of the lecture according to your interests and requirements, and the content will be researched and prepared accordingly.

(5,000rmb for a specially prepared lecture. Please ask if you would like Newman Tours' to recommend a lecture space).

Find out how to get deals done at the dinning table on the Chinese Business Lunch

Take a peak at Shanghai’s future Skyline by viewing the biggest city model in the world.

What challenges China will have to overcome to maintain its current rate of GDP growth?

Find out how China’s demographics will impact on your industry


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