From the soft and graceful Taoist arts of Wudang Mountain to the explosive Buddhist techniques of Shaolin Temple, China is famed for its rich martial arts heritage. Our Kung Fu Tour aims to give you a broad overview of that heritage by not only taking you on a guided tour of Shanghai’s excellent Kung Fu Museum, but also giving you the chance to try your hand at Chinese martial arts.

A great experience for adults and children, martial arts enthusiasts or complete novices, our Kung Fu Tour has something to offer everyone, and makes for a truly unforgettable experience.



Tour Of Kung Fu Museum

• Learn the legends of China’s martial arts progenitors, including the Indian monk that meditated in a cave for nine years and the Chinese sage who imitated the movements of a snake.

See how some of China’s most famous martial artists have been used as a means of promoting nationalism.

Discover why Chinese martial arts are so closely intertwined with religion, superstition and literature.

Interactive Kung Fu Machines

Use state of the art equipment to assess your own speed, balance, reflexes and power.

• See whether you can keep your balance whilst dancing on the Kung Fu Museum’s high-tech Cherry Blossom Stakes.

• Try your hand at the traditional Chinese martial art that Bruce Lee once most excelled at, Wing Chun, and see if you can imitate an expert’s wooden dummy techniques.

Kung Fu Master Class

• Having finished your tour of the Kung Fu Museum you are ready to learn some of the techniques that you’ve seen on display.

• Work with other guests to see how applying the movements you learn work in reality.


Pricing Summary (prices in Chinese Renminbi per person)

*  Under 14 years old.

Tour Types

  1. Private Kung Fu Tours (2 hours)

can be scheduled for your group

at any time but require a minimum

of 3 adult guests (or the financial

equivalent thereof).

  1. Select Kung Fu Tours (2.5 hours)

are led by Newman Tours’ most

senior guides, and guarantee the

provision of an iPad to enhance the

content of your tour. They can start

at any time you want, and feature

exclusive content. Select Tours require

a minimum of 3 adult guests (or the

financial equivalent thereof).

  1. Full Terms & Conditions are                           listed at the bottom of this page.



Find out why you shouldn’t try and grab a Chinese Kung Fu Master by the shoulders.

Learn about imperial China’s military exams and see whether you would pass


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