Born in Melbourne, Australia, Isla has always been passionate about travel and working in the tourism industry. After completing a Bachelor of Management and an Advanced Diploma of Tourism, she went on to work for many tourism-focussed organisations, in a variety of roles, including Museum Victoria and Melbourne City Council at Cooks’ Cottage.

Working at Cooks’ Cottage as a tour guide and customer service officer has seen Isla meet and interact with visitors from China and around the world. As a result of these interactions she was inspired to start learning Mandarin, while also taking a deep interest in Chinese history. This eventually led to Isla’s arrival in China where she began her Internship with Newman Tours as a tour guide

During her time with Newman tours, Isla hopes to further develop her Chinese language skills while gaining more experience as a tour guide and experiencing some of China’s most beautiful and historic sites.

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Tours in and around Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou & Suzhou