Companies we have recently provided interpreters and translators for include:

  1. Coca Cola

  2. Adidas

  3. Red Associates

  4. Ford

  5. Panda Chinese

  6. Grundfos

  7. Pernod Ricard.

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Translation & Interpreting Services

Newman Tours provide interpreting that suits your particular requirements in terms of budget, language, nationality, and format: 


  1. -Newman Tours has in house interpreters that can interpret Mandarin Chinese, English, French, German and Spanish.

  2. -If you want interpreters with additional language abilities then let us know the details and we will hire somebody on a short term contract that is specifically qualified for your project. 


  1. -All of our interpreters are trained to interpret objectively. But they are also taught to recognise the importance of serving the best interest of our clients when dealing with third parties.

  2. -If you want to hire a particular nationality of interpreter or have any other specifications then let us know and we will arrange accordingly.

Translation Formats

  1. -We can provide consecutive or simultaneous interpreters.

  2. -We can also provide earpiece technology and online services that will allow you to determine the format of your interpreting experience and make it as unobtrusive as possible. 

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Tours in and around Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou & Suzhou

Interpreting Services

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Terms and Conditions

• Tours should be booked and confirmed at least three hours in advance.

• Newman Tours reserves the right to cancel tours by informing confirmed attendees at least three hours in advance.

• Newman Tours reserves the right to start its tours on time, and will not wait for guests more than ten minutes after the scheduled start time of their tours.

• Guests under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a responsible adult guardian.

• Newman Tours reserves the right to request proof of student or child status in the form of valid identification.

• Proof of payment receipts available if requested in advance.

• Tour prices are not inclusive of tax invoices, which if required cost an additional 15% of the total cost of the tour.

• Public and Private Tour Payments should be made in Chinese Renminbi at the end of the tour.

• If agreed in advance, Select Tours can also be paid for via bank transfer within 10 days of the tour’s completion.

• Guests who take part in Newman Tours do so at their own risk.

• Tours do not include accommodation, transportation, food, drink and other non-tour guide related fees unless otherwise stated.

• Newman Tours reserves the right to alter the Tour Schedule listed above as a result of bad weather or location inaccessibility. In doing so it will do its upmost to ensure that equally high quality alternative content is provided.

• Newman Tours reserves the right to refuse people the right to attend and if necessary remove them from their tours if they are intoxicated, aggressive or offensive.

• Guests who take part in Newman Tours Tours must have their own health and safety insurance.

  1. Guests who take part in Newman Tours do so entirely at their own risk.

Media Comments                                                        

The tour is interesting, educational, funny and enlightening.

Gabrielle Theresa

My guide provided a history of Shanghai first, which really helped in understanding why all the lovely buildings on the Bund were built. What was particularly great was that we went inside the buildings to see the spectacular interiors.

Shep196, Sydney - Australia

“Newman Tours is a fun and memorable way to peel back the wrapping tightly bound around Shanghai’s past and delight in the surprises beneath.”

Enjoy Shanghai

“Newman Tours’ guides are not only highly knowledgeable about the city and its past, but also have the charisma to bring the incredible stories of the area to life.”

Shanghai Talk

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Panda Chinese

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  1. -For those on a tight budget, Newman Tours can provide one of its English native speaking or Chinese native speaking in house interpreters. All of our in house interpreters have extensive interpreting experience and University degrees in Chinese Studies.

  1. -For clients that want to employ somebody with a high level qualification in interpreting, but don't want to spend a fortune in the process, we can save you money by providing you with students that are about to finish or have just graduated from interpreting degrees.

  1. -For those that want the very best interpreters available, Newman Tours can hire you carefully vetted and consecutive or simultaneous interpreters with extensive experience in your particular field.

You can be sure of the quality of the interpreters we provide because we will let you conduct a short screener interview with them before you commit to using them. 

***  both in house and specially headhunted interprets can provide you with the best value interpreters that have relevant experience for the project you are working on.

Pricing Summary (prices in Chinese Renminbi per person)


Hourly Rate

Half Day (up to 4 hours)

Full Day Rate (up to 8 hours)

Overtime Rate (if work cannot be finished in 8 hours)

*pricing does not include:

  1. 1.Transportation & work meals

  2. 2.Entry tickets of trade shows, conferences, etc.

  3. 3.Travel and accommodation