In Xi’an, Newman Tours offer One Day and Two Day Tailored Best Of Xian Tours, Muslim District Tours and Terracorra Warriors Tours. Muslim District Tours can either be experienced in the form of public tours or booked exclusively for private tour groups:

- Our Tailored Best Of Xian Tours provide a carefully selected itinerary to give you the very best Xi’an has to offer tailored to your time and requirements.

- The Muslim District Tour explores the Muslim District’s best kept secrets all while sampling the colourful tastes and wonders the area has to offer.

- The Terracorra Warriors Tour provides an exciting in depth view of China’s most fearsome army. Marvel at the scale of the First Emperor’s tomb and witness how far he went to protect himself in the afterlife.

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Our Newest Tour!

Given to the Hui Muslims as a gift by the Han Chinese, the Muslim Quarter is a hive of commercial activity. Buzzing with Hui, Han, and Uyghur traders selling everything from local delicacies and bronze vessels to shadow puppets and colourful costumes, it is the most vibrant place in modern Xi'an. 

Book now to learn about the history and culture of the Hui ethnic minority all while sampling the local food and experiencing how Xi'an would have felt like when it was the world's biggest city and trading hub during the Tang Dynasty (AD 618 - 907).

Muslim District Tour


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