In Shanghai, Newman Tours offers the following walking tours:

- The Gangster Tour introduces you to the criminal kingpins who controlled much of Shanghai throughout the colonial era.

- The Bund Tour helps you to understand its history and appreciate the buildings’ stunning interiors of the world’s most famous embankment.

- The French Concession Tour shows you some of the city’s best kept art deco secrets, and brings their history to life.

- The Ancient Shanghai Tour takes you to see where the political and religious centres of the city used to be.

- The Shanghai Museum Tour takes you on a breathtaking trip through 4,000 years of ancient Chinese history.

- The Shanghai Ghost Tour takes you on a night time trip around the most haunted district in Shanghai.

- The Jewish Ghetto Tour takes you through neighborhoods of Jewish refugees in living in Shanghai, and sheds light on how they lived.

Newman Tours is proud to announce the addition of our new Shanghai Kung Fu Tour.

Join us to learn about the origins of Chinese martial arts, try your hand at some ancient training techniques, and fight a computer simulation of Bruce Lee!

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We also offer Tailored Shanghai Tours that enable you to determine exactly what you want to see and how you want to see it:

- Best Of Shanghai Tour, see the highlights of the city’s most stunning historical and cultural attractions.

- Shanghai Family Tour, a fun and informative day our for all the family with lots of prizes, games and interaction.

- Shanghai Business Tour, hear predictions that will help you make important business decisions in China.

To learn more about our Tailored Shanghai Tour Service, please click here. Whatever your interests and requirements might be, we have the ability and experience to deliver an exceptional and unique Tailored Tour.

Email: info@newmantours.com

Bookings Line: (0086) 138 1777 0229

(0086) 138 1777 0229    

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