Each set of Chinese Fortune Sticks includes:

• Sixty wooden divination sticks. 

• A fortune stick box decorated with Chinese dragon and phoenix.

• A Chinese divination book containing translated divinatory poems. 

• Newman Tours is also giving away a free set of replica QIn Dynasty coins with every set of Chinese Fortune Sticks. These can be made into a protective bracelet that locals believe will keep you safe whatever your fortune.

Price per set of Chinese Fortune Sticks:


Delivery fees available upon request.

To order your Chinese Fortune Sticks, give us a call on (0086) 138 1777 0229 or email us on info@newmantours.com


Based on chance and a willful surrender to fate, Chinese fortune-telling relies on age-old Eastern rituals to open the doors to the future. For centuries, troubled souls sought advice about difficult situations by contacting the gods and goddesses through divination sticks... and now it’s your turn!

With Newman Tours’ Chinese Fortune Sticks, today's truth seekers can once again consult with the spirit world. Simply make a wish, shake your box of fortune sticks, and find out what fate has in store for you, your family and friends.


One of the main attractions of visiting a park in China is coming across a local showcasing their water calligraphy skills. And now, thanks to Newman Tours’ Water Calligraphy Brushes, you can join them in practicing one of Asia’s most sublime ancient art forms.

Each Water Calligraphy Brush features:

A blue extendable water calligraphy brush with sponge head that can be adapted to suit the height of its user.   

Newman Tours is now also giving away a free Floating Lotus Lantern with every Water Calligraphy Brush. Used as a means of scaring away ghosts at the end of the Chinese Ghost Fesival, locals claim these floating lanterns will keep you safe from the ghouls all year round.

Price per Water Calligraphy Brush:


Delivery fees available upon request.

To order your Water Calligraphy Brushes, give us a call on (0086) 138 1777 0229 or email us on info@newmantours.com


Looking for a perfect gift for someone but don’t know what to get them? Why not try a gift from Newman Tours. We offer traditional Chinese cultural gifts, such as water calligraphy brushes and Chinese fortune sticks. 

We also provide vouchers for all of our tours so that your friend can enjoy a tour at their convenience.

Details on all of our gifts are below:

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Tours in and around Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou & Suzhou




Struggling to think of an ideal present with which to wow that special someone? Then Newman Tour Vouchers are just what you are looking for.

All you have to do is let us know what tour you are interested in providing your gift for, and we will create a voucher designed specially to suit your needs. Please see individual tour pages for a list of prices.

For more information, please click here to go to our vouchers page

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