Daniel Newman

Born in London, Daniel first came to China at the age of eighteen to study a variety of different kung fu systems from masters in Shaolin, Wudang and Dali. Thereafter he went on to obtain a BA in English at the University of York and an MPhil in Modern Chinese Studies at the University of Cambridge.

Whilst living in China for the last five years Daniel has worked on marketing projects for the Shanghai Expo and Adidas; contributed to books and articles for UNICEF and Lexus; and written and recorded songs in both English and Chinese with bands including Scassa Monakee, Pharaoh, Ne Zha and The Dynamix.

Daniel is the Managing Director of Newman Tours for whom he determines routes, researches and writes scripts, and conducts tours.

Daniel Newman

(0086) 138 1777 0229    

Tours in and around Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou & Suzhou